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  • August 6, 2014
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Hello! and welcome to GinTin Foods.

A short while ago my wife sat me down and asked me to look at myself.  She helped me see how unhappy I was doing anything that wasn’t involved in the world of food.  It was only when I was cooking, serving,  eating, researching or discussing food that I truly came alive and just, well…smiled.

I had previously spent 15 years of my life in professional kitchens working as a Head Chef, but then chose to leave the food industry and move into the regular nine to five existence of office life.  Boy what a mistake.  The dispassion creeps up on oneself so slowly that before any realisation has dawned, you’re caught by it.  Suddenly the days feel longer, the desire to work diminishes and the fountain of imagination ceases to sparkle.  It’s at that point I realised; my 15 years of work as a chef hadn’t been work at all.  Yes, the days may have been long and exhausting but how could it have been work when I was doing what I loved?  I had been ‘living’, and now I was just ‘being’.

“Do something about it then.” said Gina. “Go back and work with food.  Don’t just talk. Do!  Open your own place if you have to, just don’t waste a natural talent.”.

Pretty soon I found myself pulling boxes heavy with dust down from the attic.  over 20 years of collecting menu’s and ideas; notebooks full of reviews, recipes, diaries and photographs.  I hadn’t realised how much I had acquired – and nor had Gina.  “Why keep all this stuff in boxes?  It’s no use to anyone in a loft and it’s not working as an interior design statement either.  Make it into a book, or better still, digitise it and post it up as a blog.”

There are very few moments in my life that I can attribute to a light bulb above the head moment.  There was the time when I designed a pulley system with parts of a bicycle and two life jackets to store my surf boards in the rafters of the garage, and the moment of insanity when I decided we should carve tracks into the kitchen floor in order to make an American style fridge fit into the fractionally too small space in our kitchen, but real Tom and Jerry dinging light above the head moments?  Not that many folks…until now.  A blog was my light bulb above the head moment (well technically it was Gina’s but if it’s to be my blog then I’m pulling rank and claiming it for my own.  There has to be some perks, right?).

A blog!  A blog to fill with all the knowledge and ideas I’ve accumulated and have yet to discover.  A place to indulge in the foodie pleasure that gives my life more meaning. A site devoid of pomposity and just wall to wall eye watering good chow served up with a heavy sprinkling of humour, wit, and first hand opinion. – and this, dear reader, is where you come in.

I also want to create the perfect menu’s for all occasions and I shall be posting articles, recipes and ideas upon this site and your comments and suggestions will help fashion the shape of things to come.  Tell me what occasions you require a menu to be designed for.  You got a busy family life? then check out GinTin menu’s.  Pregnant with the available stomach space of a shrew?  We’ll have a menu for that.  Multi generational family get together and not sure if Grandma is going get onboard with the Balinese banquet you’ve always wanted to try?  The solutions right here my friend.

Suggest your favourite ingredients and I’ll give a selection of ideas to use them.  Share your bug bears and we’ll put the world to rights.

My name is Martin and I owe a debt of inspiration to my dear wife Gina for the existence of this site.

Together we can discover a world of food and write the perfect GinTin Menu.


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